Global History & Geography - June 2011

26 Which reform was included in Atatürk’s efforts to modernize Turkey?

(1) reintroducing strict Islamic law
(2) granting women the right to vote
(3) adopting Arabic script
(4) requiring men to wear a fez

27 Which political leader gained power as a result of the failing economy of the Weimar Republic?

(1) Adolf Hitler             (3) Benito Mussolini
(2) Francisco Franco     (4) Charles de Gaulle

28 During the Cold War, nations that adopted a policy of nonalignment believed they should

(1) be exempt from United Nations decisions
(2) restrict trade with neighboring countries
(3) reject international environmental treaties
(4) follow a course independent of the superpowers

29 The use of the Marshall Plan in Western Europe after World War II strengthened the forces of

(1) democracy     (3) isolationism
(2) communism    (4) autocracy

30 What was a direct result of the Four Modernizations introduced in China by Deng

(1) Freedom of speech was guaranteed.
(2) Goods and services were evenly distributed.
(3) Economic opportunities were expanded.
(4) Fewer consumer goods were produced. 

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