Global History & Geography - June 2011

21 One reason for the mass migration of many Irish to North America in the 19th century was

(1) a series of crop failures
(2) enforcement of a military draft
(3) civil war in Ireland
(4) an outbreak of malaria

Base your answer to question 22 on the graphic organizer below and on your knowledge of social studies.

22 Which title best completes this graphic organizer?

(1) Reasons for Latin American Independence Movements
(2) Impact of the Scientific Revolution
(3) Causes of the Industrial Revolution
(4) Results of Nationalism in Europe

23 Which statement best reflects an effect of imperialism in Africa?

(1) Land was distributed equally between social classes.
(2) Territorial divisions were primarily established using tribal boundaries.
(3) Natural resources were exploited for the benefit of European powers.
(4) Timbuktu became the center of great learning.

24 Which event is considered the immediate cause of World War I?

(1) signing of the Treaty of Versailles
(2) invasion of Poland by Germany
(3) assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
(4) use of unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany

Base your answer to question 25 on the map below and on your knowledge of social studies.

Click here for larger image

25 Based on the information provided by this map, how did adopting the policy of
appeasement at the Munich Conference in September 1938 change Europe?

(1) The Rhineland was occupied by France.
(2) The Sudetenland was given to Germany.
(3) Germany transferred control of Memel to Lithuania.
(4) Austria became an independent state.

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