Global History & Geography - June 2011

16 What was one effect of the Columbian exchange on European society?

(1) Migration to the Americas declined.
(2) Horses were acquired for the first time.
(3) The population increased with the introduction of new foods.
(4) The Christian Church was divided into Roman Catholic and Orthodox.

17 During the first Global Age (A.D. 1450–1770), European countries obtained both a source of  raw materials and a reliable market for their finished goods by developing

(1) the policy of mercantilism
(2) laissez-faire principles
(3) trade cooperatives
(4) forts along the Silk Roads

18 One way in which Akbar the Great, Ivan the Terrible, and Louis XIV are similar is that they were all

(1) theocratic rulers    (3) absolute rulers
(2) elected leaders      (4) enlightened despots

19 “The French Revolution is most important for having changed subjects to citizens.”
This statement emphasizes the shift from

(1) religious traditions to secular values
(2) divine right rule to people’s participation in government
(3) rural lifestyles to urban lifestyles
(4) private property ownership to government ownership

20 Which geographic condition contributed to the defeat of Napoleon’s troops during the invasion of Russia?

(1) drought      (3) severe flooding
(2) typhoons    (4) harsh winter

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