Global History & Geography - June 2011

11 Which action is linked to the spread of the Black Death to Europe during the 14th century?

(1) trade with Asia
(2) conquest of Japan
(3) trade across the Sahara
(4) exploration of the Western Hemisphere

12 What was one ideal of Renaissance humanism?

(1) training as a knight and practicing chivalry
(2) obeying divine right monarchs and the
(3) living apart from the world and taking monastic vows
(4) investigating areas of interest and fulfilling one’s potential

13 • Captured the city of Constantinople in 1453
• Benefited from rich trade along the Mediterranean Sea
• Ruled by Suleiman the Lawgiver

Which empire best fits these descriptions?

(1) Roman       (3) Mongol
(2) Ottoman    (4) Songhai

14 One way in which the Ming dynasty in the early 1400s and the Spanish monarchy in the late 1400s are similar is that both governments

(1) promoted religious diversity
(2) encouraged democratic reforms
(3) emphasized equal rights for women
(4) supported the expansion of overseas trade

Base your answer to question 15 on the diagram below and on your knowledge of social studies.

15 Which conclusion about Spanish colonialism in the Americas can be drawn from this diagram?

(1) The fewest people in the population had the greatest power.
(2) Africans and Native Americans were politically powerful.
(3) The peninsulares made up the majority of the population.
(4) Mestizos and mulattoes controlled the most land in the colonies.

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