Global History & Geography - June 2011

46 One goal of the Congress of Vienna was to

(1) establish a new balance of power in Europe
(2) protect Europe from Ottoman advances
(3) end abuses within the Catholic Church
(4) redraw the boundaries of Africa

47 Transportation in the 1800s was revolutionized by the development of the

(1) caravel       (3) airplane
(2) astrolabe     (4) steam engine

Base your answer to question 48 on the passage below and on your knowledge of social studies.

…Indeed whilst on the one hand civil disobedience authorises disobedience of unjust
laws or unmoral laws of a state which one seeks to overthrow, it requires meek and willing submission to the penalty of disobedience and therefore cheerful acceptance of the jail discipline and its attendant hardships….

48 Which individual is the author of this passage?

(1) Otto von Bismarck    (3) Ho Chi Minh
(2) Mohandas Gandhi      (4) Fidel Castro

49 Which conflict is most closely associated with events in Nanjing, Dunkirk, and Hiroshima?

(1) Russian Revolution    (3) World War II
(2) Cultural Revolution    (4) Korean War

50 The imaginary line that divided the Western European countries from the Eastern European countries after World War II was known as the

(1) prime meridian           (3) Iron Curtain
(2) line of demarcation     (4) Berlin Wall

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