Global History & Geography - June 2010

36 “Reliance on Imported Oil Raises Concerns in China, Europe, and the United States”
“Coca-Cola Accused of Wasting Precious Water in India”
“Competition for Control of Cobalt Mines Causes Violence in Congo”

These headlines best illustrate the economic concept of

(1) inflation
(2) embargo
(3) boycott of goods
(4) scarcity of resources

37 Rapid industrialization in developing nations has often resulted in

(1) little growth in urban centers
(2) decreases in the levels of pollution
(3) the continuation of traditional ideas in the workplace
(4) a growing gap between the rich and the poor

38 One way in which the Aswan Dam in Egypt and the Three Gorges Dam in China are similar is
that both

(1) convert salt water to freshwater
(2) harness natural forces to produce energy
(3) provide fertilizers for agricultural production
(4) connect small bodies of water to larger bodies of water

Base your answer to question 39 on the passage below and on your knowledge of social studies.

. . . The horrible truth is that failure to eradicate [destroy] the root causes of terrorism is almost
certain to extend the Age of Terrorism, it is not clear that they really can be eradicated. To appease the extremists might be easy but may not work. To allow them to win would be to accept the supremacy of evil. To promote democracy and open government might be the ultimate solution, but it stands on a shaky conceptual foundation of untested assumptions about the nature of the world and diverse cultures. Unfortunately, the world is at a point where it can see the danger from terrorism but not the
cure. Worse still, a cure may not exist. — Steven Metz, “Can Terrorism Be Cured?,” Project Syndicate

39 The author of this 2006 passage concludes that terrorism

(1) has failed to take root
(2) requires a strong military response
(3) is extremely difficult to defeat
(4) will be overcome through diplomacy

40 One way in which the actions of Alexander the Great, Saladin, and Shaka Zulu are similar is that
each implemented

(1) military strategies to defeat opponents
(2) constitutions to define political powers
(3) policies to increase religious persecution
(4) legal changes to protect human rights

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