Global History & Geography - June 2010

Base your answers to questions 31 and 32 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social

31 This 1989 cartoon suggests that the governments of both China and East Germany

(1) removed the military from power
(2) allowed a shift in rule from autocracy to fascism
(3) gave people the right to decide how they would be ruled
(4) faced challenges in their ability to maintain communist governments

32 Which event in China is symbolized by the “Lady with the Light” in this 1989 cartoon?

(1) Long March
(2) Great Leap Forward
(3) Cultural Revolution
(4) Tiananmen Square protests

33 Which statement about the United Nations is a fact rather than an opinion?

(1) The United Nations has too many committees to be effective.
(2) The United Nations would be more efficient if its headquarters moved to Europe.
(3) The membership of the United Nations has increased since its formation.
(4) The United Nations has successfully met most of its goals.

Base your answer to question 34 on the chart below and on your knowledge of social studies.

34 Which conclusion about South Africa’s economy can be drawn from this chart?

(1) Since the end of apartheid, most blacks have gained economic equality.
(2) In some sectors of the economy, blacks earn more than whites.
(3) Despite the end of apartheid, many blacks continue to struggle economically.
(4) Economic opportunity for blacks is directly related to education reform.

35 Which document is most closely associated with the Arab-Israeli conflict?

(1) Balfour Declaration
(2) Kyoto Protocol
(3) Communist Manifesto
(4) Treaty of Nanjing

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