Global History & Geography - June 2010

26 One reason the League of Nations failed as a world organization was that it

(1) supported the rise of fascist states
(2) lacked a military force to settle conflicts
(3) dealt with conflict by establishing naval blockades
(4) encouraged the annexation of territory by force

27 Japan’s invasion of China in 1937 and Germany’s attack on Poland in 1939 led directly to

(1) the beginning of World War II in Asia and Europe
(2) a meeting at Yalta between the United States and the Soviet Union
(3) a conference at Munich for European leaders
(4) the withdrawal of Britain and France from European affairs

28 The Nuremberg Trials are considered an important event in the 20th century because they

(1) brought an end to genocide
(2) condemned the use of nuclear weapons
(3) ruled on provisions for the postwar occupation of Germany
(4) established principles of responsibility for human rights violations

29 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was initially formed to

(1) promote religious freedom
(2) defend Western Europe from Soviet aggression
(3) isolate member nations from the rest of the world
(4) stop the flow of immigration between member nations

30 What was one social change Mao Zedong instituted in China after 1949?

(1) granting legal equality for men and women
(2) requiring arranged marriages
(3) adopting the practice of foot binding
(4) mandating Confucianism as the state philosophy

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