Global History & Geography - June 2010

6 Which achievements are most closely associated with the Tang and Song dynasties of China?

(1) wheel and stirrup
(2) chinampas and calendar
(3) gunpowder and movable wooden type
(4) mosaics and domes

7 Korea has frequently served as a cultural bridge between

(1) Cambodia and Vietnam
(2) Russia and India
(3) Thailand and Indonesia
(4) China and Japan

8 Which institution served as the primary unifying force in medieval western Europe?

(1) legislature      (3) monarchy
(2) church            (4) military

Base your answer to question 9 on the map below and on your knowledge of social studies

Click on image to enlarge

9 Which conclusion about the Roman world around AD 526 can be drawn from the information on this map?

(1) The Gauls dominated trade on the Mediterranean Sea.
(2) Rome was the capital of the entire western region.
(3) The eastern region was unified under the Byzantine Empire.
(4) The division between eastern and western Rome followed natural boundaries.

10 Which change to Christian church practice was suggested by Martin Luther?

(1) increasing the sale of indulgences
(2) installing statues of saints in churches
(3) saying the mass in Latin so the faithful would learn it
(4) printing the Bible in the vernacular so all could read it

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