Global History & Geography - June 2010

46 Between 1300 and 1600, which economic system began to develop as a result of the transformation
in global trade?

(1) socialism      (3) communism
(2) capitalism     (4) manorialism

47 The combined usage of the caravel, compass, and astrolabe in the late 1400s helped bring about the

(1) migration of the Bantu
(2) exploration of the Americas
(3) introduction of Buddhism to East Asia
(4) voyages of Zheng He

48 • Focus on individual achievement
• Use of classical Greek and Roman ideas
• Artistic works of Leonardo da Vinci

Which time period is most closely associated with these characteristics?

(1) Hellenistic Golden Age
(2) Early Middle Ages
(3) European Renaissance
(4) Scientific Revolution

49 • Romans destroy the temple in Jerusalem.
• British officials partition India.
• Hutus and Tutsis fight in Rwandan civil war.

One way in which these events are similar is that each resulted in the

(1) establishment of uniform legal codes
(2) emigration of people from their homelands
(3) intervention of coalition military forces
(4) acceptance of new political boundaries

50 Which of these groups were the major supporters of 20th-century communist revolutions?

(1) priests and artisans
(2) bourgeoisie and nobility
(3) entrepreneurs and capitalists
(4) workers and peasants

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