Global History & Geography - June 2010


Which document is considered a primary source?

(1) encyclopedia article
(2) modern textbook
(3) biography
(4) personal correspondence

2 Which title best completes the partial outline below?

(1) Geographic Features of Japan
(2) Environmental Challenges in Mongolia
(3) Economic Issues Facing Saudi Arabia
(4) Factors Affecting British Industrialization

3 Which Neolithic Revolution development led to the other three?

(1) complex civilizations
(2) surplus of food
(3) division of labor
(4) domestication of plants and animals

4 • The Ganges River is sacred to people practicing Hinduism.
• Shinto shrines are usually located near mountains or lakes.
• The Jordan River is a site of many Christian baptisms.

Which conclusion is most valid based on these statements related to belief systems?

(1) The Middle East was the birthplace of these belief systems.
(2) Water plays an important role in these belief systems.
(3) Pilgrimages to mountainous regions are encouraged by these belief systems.
(4) Understanding nature is a requirement of these belief systems.

Base your answer to question 5 on the illustration below and on your knowledge of social studies.

5 Which element of civilization is most clearly shown in this Maya artwork?

(1) urbanization
(2) a system of education
(3) a code of laws
(4) social classes

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