Global History & Geography - June 2009

41 Many achievements made during the Golden Ages of both Islam and the West African Kingdoms reached European societies by way of

(1) trade networks in the Mediterranean Sea region
(2) trade expeditions between China and Africa
(3) the voyages of Ferdinand Magellan
(4) the travels of Commodore Matthew Perry

42 In European and Japanese feudal societies, social status was usually determined by

(1) marriage
(2) birth
(3) individual abilities
(4) education and training

43 The policy of establishing colonies to gain wealth by controlling colonial trade is called

(1) socialism    (3) mercantilism
(2) fascism      (4) communism

44 Which document established the principle of limited monarchy in England?

(1) Twelve Tables
(2) Magna Carta
(3) Act of Supremacy
(4) Balfour Declaration

Base your answers to questions 45 and 46 on the map below and on your knowledge of social studies.

Click on image to enlarge

45 Which letter identifies the peninsula that is home to Mecca, the religious center of Islam?

(1) A    (3) C
(2) B    (4) D

46 Which letter identifies the peninsula that was the site of the Vietnam conflict and the
atrocities of Pol Pot?

(1) A   (3) C
(2) B   (4) D

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