Global History & Geography - June 2009

36 One similarity in the results of the revolutions led by Fidel Castro in Cuba and by the Sandinistas in
Nicaragua is that both

(1) restored a monarchy
(2) destroyed a theocracy
(3) followed Marxist principles
(4) protected freedom of the press

Base your answer to question 37 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies.

37 What does this 2005 cartoon imply?
(1) The instability in the Middle East has been ongoing.
(2) The peace process in the Middle East is gaining ground.
(3) The Middle East has greatly changed over thirty years.
(4) The media shapes society’s perception of the Middle East.

38 One way in which the Great Leap Forward and the Four Modernizations are similar is that each
was an attempt to

(1) increase farm and factory output
(2) develop a democratic government
(3) strengthen economic ties with communist neighbors
(4) reduce the gap between rich and poor

39 The term Green Revolution refers to

(1) an overthrow of the government by radical parties
(2) increased agricultural production based on technological advancements
(3) a drastic change in the environment based on global warming
(4) decreased food production caused by terrorism

40 Which statement about the economy of Japan today is most accurate?

(1) Abundant arable land has led to prosperity.
(2) Possession of nuclear weaponry has assured a strong economy.
(3) Economic development has occurred without political freedom.
(4) A lack of natural resources has not limited economic growth.

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