Global History & Geography - June 2009

31 The primary purpose of the United Nations is to

(1) control world grain prices
(2) promote democratic governments
(3) resolve conflicts between nations peacefully
(4) unite all nations militarily through alliances

32 World War II was a turning point for many European colonies in Africa and Asia because the
war led to

(1) the occupation of most European colonies by United Nations troops
(2) increased efforts by these colonies to gain independence
(3) the expansion of European imperialism
(4) decreased friction between the Europeans and their colonies

33 The purpose of the Marshall Plan after World War II was to

(1) promote the spread of militarism
(2) force the losing nations to help areas destroyed in the war
(3) rebuild national economies to stabilize governments
(4) strengthen the alliances that had won the war

34 The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is best known for its efforts to

(1) develop workable alternatives to fossil fuels
(2) bring Western oil technology to the Middle East
(3) stop the export of oil to non-Arab nations
(4) establish production quotas to control the price of oil

35 One way in which the Korean War and the Vietnam War are similar is that both

(1) resulted in unification of two formerly independent nations
(2) reflected the success of the Western policy of containment
(3) attempted to remove French imperialists from power
(4) developed from Cold War tensions

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