Global History & Geography - June 2009

11 Based on this map, what is a valid conclusion about the Black Death?

(1) Japan was the first place it occurred.
(2) The highest casualty rates occurred in Mogadishu and Foochow.
(3) People of North Africa, Europe, and Asia were affected by the disease.
(4) The outbreak spread primarily from the west to the east.

12 What was a major characteristic of the Renaissance in Europe?

(1) Secular achievements were emphasized.
(2) Suffrage was granted to men and women.
(3) Most literature was written in Arabic.
(4) Most ancient Greek and Roman ideas were rejected.

13 What was one result of the travels of Marco Polo?

(1) Africa remained isolated.
(2) Ottoman power decreased.
(3) Colonies were established in Japan.
(4) Interest in Asian cultures increased.

Base your answer to question 14 on the map below and on your knowledge of social studies.

Click om image to enlarge

14 Which conclusion about Zheng He’s voyages is valid based on the information on this

(1) His fleet traveled only as far as the Bay of Bengal.
(2) His expeditions sailed to ports in Asia and Africa.
(3) His fleet conquered and controlled Luzon.
(4) His expeditions traded directly with the interior of Africa.

Base your answer to question 15 on the graphic organizer below and on your knowledge of social studies.

15 Which title best completes this graphic organizer?

(1) Improvements Under the Tokugawa
(2) Achievements of Medieval Europe
(3) Developments in Ancient Ghana
(4) Changes Resulting From the Counter Reformation

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