Global History & Geography - June 2009

47 For years, the Sahara was an obstacle for Europeans while Africans used the desert as a highway. Which conclusion is supported by this statement?

(1) Trade between Africa and Europe decreased.
(2) African empires generally avoided contact with Europeans.
(3) Desertification reduced the amount of arable land available to Africans and Europeans.
(4) Initially, Europeans lacked the knowledge and skills needed to travel in the desert.

48 The Boxer Rebellion and the work of Sun Yixian (Sun Yat-sen) are most closely associated with the

(1) Long March
(2) Golden Age of China
(3) Cultural Revolution
(4) rise of nationalism in China

49 The term iron curtain refers to the

(1) scars left on the land by the trenches of World War I
(2) no-fly zone in northern Iraq after the Persian Gulf War
(3) border established between India and Pakistan after World War II
(4) western boundary of Soviet domination in Europe during the Cold War

50 Poles in 1918 and Jews prior to 1948 are examples of

(1) peoples without their own state
(2) colonized peoples in the British Empire
(3) groups that joined the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO)
(4) groups represented on the United Nations Security Council

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