Global History & Geography - June 2009


1 One reason that many historians study geography is to

(1) help predict changes in government
(2) show connections between people and places
(3) tell when events took place
(4) explore the value systems of early people

2 “Greek Statues Unearthed in Pompeii”
“Chinese Porcelain Found at Zimbabwe Dig”
“Mixtec Textiles Found Near Aztec Ruins”

Which concept is illustrated by these headlines?

(1) colonialism      (3) ethnocentrism
(2) isolationism     (4) cultural diffusion

3 What was a result of the Neolithic Revolution?

(1) Civilizations developed.
(2) Humans first learned to use fire.
(3) Life expectancy declined.
(4) People began hunting and gathering for food.

4 . . .“One theory is that there were waves of migration, one moving through the east of Africa and another making its way through the centre of the continent. In Zambia, there is evidence of at
least three routes of migration – from the great lakes, from the Congo forest and from Angola.” . . .
Source: BBC, The Story of Africa: Early History

This passage about the early history of Africa describes migrations associated with which group
of people?

(1) Phoenicians   (3) Moors
(2) Bantu           (4) Babylonians

5 Which belief system is considered monotheistic?

(1) Jainism    (3) Judaism
(2) Daoism    (4) Shinto

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