Global History & Geography - January 2011



Base your answer to question 41 on the time line below and on your knowledge of social studies.

41 Which policy is most closely associated with the events on this time line?

(1) nonalignment     (3) containment
(2) détente            (4) apartheid

42 An objective of the European Union (EU) for the early 21st century is to

(1) withdraw from its military alliances
(2) further integrate its economic system
(3) establish a nuclear buffer zone
(4) limit production of alternative fuels

43 “Contaminated Food from China Sold in the United States”
“Computer Virus Shuts Down Hundreds of Businesses Worldwide”
“Multinational Corporations Relocate Factories”

These headlines are directly related to

(1) world hunger
(2) overpopulation
(3) global warming
(4) economic interdependence

44 One way in which knights, samurai, and warlords are similar is that they all

(1) were traditional religious leaders
(2) occupied military posts in the Chinese Empire
(3) expelled the Moors from Spain
(4) held positions of power in feudal syste

45 In what way did the rivers of Russia influence its history?

(1) They provided a network for trade between the Byzantine Empire and Russia.
(2) They allowed Japan to defeat Russia in the Russo-Japanese War.
(3) They were used by Napoleon to invade Russia.
(4) They gave the Mongols a route to conquer Russia.

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