Global History & Geography - January 2011

31 One way in which the conquest of Manchuria by the Japanese (1931) and the annexation of Czechoslovakia by Germany (1939) are similar is that these actions

(1) marked the end of the aggressive expansion of these nations
(2) demonstrated the weakness of the League of Nations
(3) reestablished the balance of power in the world
(4) led to the Long March

32 During World War II, the importance of the D-Day invasion of 1944 was that it

(1) forced Germany to fight on multiple fronts
(2) made Germany move their military to the Russian front
(3) ended the bombing of Germany
(4) demonstrated German military dominance

33 People would prefer their own bad government rather than submit to the good government of a foreign power. Which concept is characterized by this statement?

(1) nationalism     (3) socialism
(2) communism    (4) militarism

34 Which function of the United Nations is based on the concept of collective security?

(1) providing health services
(2) coordinating global peacekeeping
(3) monitoring educational programs
(4) assisting in agricultural research

Base your answer to question 35 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies.

35 In this cartoon, which region is represented by the nations that are seeking membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?

(1) Latin America     (3) Southeast Asia
(2) Central Africa     (4) Eastern Europe

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