Global History & Geography - January 2011

26 What is one reason for Japan’s involvement in the first Sino-Japanese War and the annexation of Korea?

(1) pursuit of imperialistic goals
(2) reaction to foreign invasions
(3) institution of five-year plans
(4) need for a warm-water port

Base your answer to question 27 on the map below and on your knowledge of social studies.

27 Which area of Europe was known as the “Powder Keg” of Europe prior to the outbreak
of World War I?

(1) A    (3) C
(2) B     (4) D

28 One similarity between the Sepoy Rebellion in India and the Boxer Rebellion in China is that both were

(1) religious reform movements
(2) reactions to the opium trade
(3) attempts to end foreign interference
(4) successful revolts against absolute monarchs

29 Between 1923 and 1938, which leader instituted a modernization program in Turkey?

(1) Shah Reza Pahlavi    (3) Kemal Atatürk
(2) Jawaharlal Nehru       (4) Ho Chi Minh

30 The rise of fascism in Germany between World War I and World War II is often associated with the

(1) promotion of ethnic diversity
(2) appeal of the doctrine of nonviolence
(3) establishment of a strong parliamentary system
(4) impact of the global economic depression 

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