Global History & Geography - January 2011

 21 Which statement accurately reflects population changes that occurred as a result of the Age of Exploration?

(1) Most Latin American populations became more culturally diverse.
(2) One third of Europe’s population died due to exposure to diseases from the Americas.
(3) The introduction of goods from the Americas caused a decline in Asian populations.
(4) Native Americans migrated to Africa causing increases in African populations.

22 Enlightenment thinkers encouraged the improvement of society through the

(1) teachings of the church
(2) use of reason
(3) development of absolutism
(4) establishment of a rigid social hierarchy

23 “Angry Mob Destroys Bastille”
“Robespierre’s Execution Ends Reign of Terror”
“Napoleon Seizes Power”
Which country’s revolution is referred to in these headlines?

(1) Spain       (3) France
(2) Austria     (4) Russia

24 The slogan “Blood and Iron” and a united Germany are most closely associated with

(1) Prince Metternich     (3) Camillo Cavour
(2) Simón Bolívar            (4) Otto von Bismarck

25 Which pair of natural resources were used to change transportation and manufacturing in Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution?

(1) gold and salt
(2) diamonds and petroleum
(3) copper and tin
(4) coal and iron ore

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