Global History & Geography - January 2011

6 Which name identifies the region located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?

(1) Cape of Good Hope      (3) Mesopotamia
(2) Sinai Peninsula            (4) Horn of Africa

7 The best definition of subsistence agriculture is

(1) supplying crops for overseas exports
(2) bartering crops for manufactured goods
(3) storing surplus food in case of famine
(4) producing just enough food for a family’s use

8 Which geographic feature most directly influenced the development of Greek city-states?

(1) deserts                      (3) vast plains
(2) mountainous terrain      (4) monsoons

9 Which development is most closely associated with the beginning of the Byzantine Empire?

(1) emergence of the Russian Orthodox Church
(2) division of the Roman Empire
(3) building of the Hagia Sophia
(4) fall of Constantinople

10 • Creation of the House of Wisdom in Baghdad
• Development of algebra
• Use of calligraphy as an art form

Which Golden Age is most closely associated with these achievements?

(1) Islamic      (3) Tang
(2) Gupta       (4) Songhai

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