Global History & Geography - January 2011


1 This passage suggests that modern science can be used to

(1) aid historical analysis
(2) show the development of a point of view
(3) explain ancient medical practices
(4) predict future events

2 Why is Southeast Asia considered a crossroads?

(1) Large deposits of oil are available.
(2) A number of trade routes intersect.
(3) A single culture is dominant.
(4) Rivers serve as highways.

3 In which economic system used by early civilizations are decisions about the distribution of goods based primarily on customs, beliefs, and habits?

(1) mixed             (3) traditional
(2) free-market     (4) command


4 The Neolithic Revolution is often considered a turning point in history because

(1) city dwellers learned to control fire
(2) societies became more nomadic
(3) nuclear families evolved into extended families
(4) permanent settlements developed in river valleys

5 Filial piety and the five relationships are most often associated with

(1) Hinduism      (3) animism
(2) Daoism       (4) Confucianism

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