Global History & Geography - January 2010

Base your answer to question 36 on the graphic organizer below and on your knowledge of social

36 Which country best completes this graphic organizer?

(1)Egypt     (3) Sudan
(2) Iraq      (4) Bangladesh

37 • China implemented a one-child policy.
• African nations established educational and health care agendas.
• Latin American nations worked with the United States to reduce drug trafficking.

Which conclusion can best be drawn using all of these statements?

(1) The governments of different countries reacted in various ways to the same problem.
(2) Population explosions took place in some countries during the 20th century.
(3) Some countries looked toward other nations to help solve their problems.
(4) Countries have had to address a variety of economic and social problems.

Base your answer to question 38 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies.

38 Which statement best reflects this cartoonist’s point of view?

(1) The development of computer technology is prohibited in China.
(2) Chinese prisoners are denied access to computers.
(3) Foreign software developers have flooded the Chinese market.
(4) Some American firms have assisted the Chinese government in monitoring citizen computer usage.

39 What is a long-term effect of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979?

(1) Communism was strengthened in South Asia.
(2) Hostilities between China and India lessened.
(3) The influence of militant Islamic groups increased in the region.
(4) Tensions along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan were reduced.

40 “A Jewish State Is Created”
“Six-Day War Results in Major Arab Losses”
“Withdrawal Begins from West Bank”

Which situation is referred to in these headlines?

(1) Persian Gulf War
(2) Scramble for Africa
(3) conflict between Israelis and Palestinians
(4) collapse of the Ottoman Empire


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