Global History & Geography - January 2010

31 Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points influenced many colonial peoples in Asia and Africa to

(1) create military alliances
(2) seek self-determination
(3) reject terrorism
(4) extend extraterritoriality

32 Which statement about Turkish leader Atatürk is an opinion rather than a fact?

(1) He promoted modernization.
(2) His efforts led to the development of industries.
(3) He encouraged people to wear western-style clothing.
(4) His major accomplishment was the separation of church and state.

33 Joseph Stalin’s policies in Ukraine during the 1930s directly resulted in

(1) widespread starvation
(2) agricultural self-sufficiency
(3) the development of cottage industries
(4) the use of subsistence farming techniques

34 . . . “You should take steps now to cease military resistance. Otherwise, we shall resolutely employ
this bomb and all our other superior weapons to promptly and forcefully end the war.” . . .

This paragraph from a 1945 Allied leaflet warned the

(1) Czechs of a German invasion
(2) Americans in Hawaii of a Japanese attack
(3) Koreans of a Russian invasion
(4) Japanese civilians of a United States attack

35 The Marshall Plan was designed to stop the spread of communism by providing

(1) government housing to refugees
(2) military assistance to Vietnam
(3) funds for economic recovery in war-torn European nations
(4) nuclear weapons to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members

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