Global History & Geography - January 2010

26 Which of these developments in Africa was a cause of the other three?

(1) Rival tribal groups fought wars.
(2) The Berlin Conference of 1884 influenced colonial boundaries.
(3) Traditional territories and culture groups were permanently fragmented.
(4) African economies became dependent on the sale of cash crops and raw materials.

27 Which cultures fought with the Zulus in the 19th century over the control of land in South Africa?

(1) German and French
(2) Indian and Belgian
(3) British and Boer
(4) Ethiopian and Italian

Base your answer to question 28 on the passage below and on your knowledge of social studies.

. . . Our celestial empire [China] rules over ten thousand kingdoms! Most surely do we possess a
measure of godlike majesty which ye cannot fathom! Still we cannot bear to slay or exterminate without previous warning, and it is for this reason that we now clearly make known to you the fixed laws of our land. If the foreign merchants of your said honorable nation desire to continue their commercial intercourse, they then must tremblingly obey our recorded statutes, they must cut off for ever the source from which the opium flows, and on no account make an experiment of our laws in their own persons! Let then your highness [Queen Victoria] punish those of your subjects who may be criminal, do not endeavor to screen or conceal them, and thus you will secure peace and quietness to your
possessions, thus will you more than ever display a proper sense of respect and obedience, and
thus may we unitedly enjoy the common blessings of peace and happiness. What greater joy! What more complete felicity [harmony] than this! . . . — Chinese High Commissioner Lin Zexu’s letter to
Queen Victoria

28 Which event is most directly related to the 19thcentury situation described in this passage?

(1) signing of the Treaty of Nanjing
(2) Russo-Japanese War
(3) annexation of Korea
(4) Sepoy Rebellion

29 During the late 19th century, Japan’s lack of natural resources was one reason for implementing a policy of

(1) collectivization    (3) socialism
(2) free trade          (4) imperialism

30 One reason the Bolsheviks gained peasant support during the Russian Revolution was
because the Bolsheviks promised to

(1) redistribute land
(2) abolish communes
(3) bring modern technology to Russian farms
(4) maintain an agricultural price-support program

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