Global History & Geography - January 2010

21 A DEO REX, A REGE LEX —“the king is from God, and law is from the king.” — James I
This quotation best reflects the concept of

(1) constitutional monarchy
(2) separation of powers
(3) equal representation
(4) divine right rule

22 Which statement about the Scientific Revolution in Europe is accurate?

(1) The existence of natural laws was rejected.
(2) Scientists questioned traditional beliefs about the universe.
(3) New ideas supported the geocentric theory of Ptolemy.
(4) The Bible was used to justify new scientific findings.

23 Under the Old Regime in France, the burden of taxation fell mostly on the

(1) monarchy
(2) clergy
(3) nobles
(4) commoners

24 One way in which Robespierre and Napoleon are similar is that they both

(1) played an important role at the Congress of Vienna
(2) increased their power during the French Revolution
(3) were executed for treason by French monarchs
(4) led armies against the Haitians

25 Many critics believe that the policy of the British government during the Irish Famine

(1) contributed to food shortages
(2) ignored military concerns
(3) discouraged emigration
(4) led directly to civil war

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