Global History & Geography - January 2010

Base your answers to questions 11 and 12 on the map below and on your knowledge of social studies.

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11 Which statement about the trip taken by Emperor Mansa Musa is accurate?

(1) The trip extended beyond North African trade routes.
(2) Mansa Musa used the Mediterranean Sea to reach Mecca.
(3) The route primarily followed major rivers.
(4) Mansa Musa traveled to Fez on his way to Mecca.

12 Which conclusion about trade is best supported by the information on this map?

(1) Timbuktu was a center of trade in West Africa.
(2) The Sahara Desert prevented trade.
(3) Cairo and Mecca were trading partners.
(4) West African gold and salt were traded along the Zaire River.

Base your answer to question 13 on the chart below and on your knowledge of social studies.

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13 Which generalization is best supported by the data from this chart?

(1) Bantu migrations influenced the distribution of East African coins.
(2) Chinese coins were found in East African city-states.
(3) East African city-states traded directly with Northern Europe.
(4) Romans controlled trade with East Africa.

14 What is a primary characteristic of a feudal society?

(1) a representative government
(2) economic equality for all
(3) protection of individual rights
(4) an exchange of land for services

15 Humanism during the Italian Renaissance was focused on

(1) the affairs of the church
(2) self-sufficiency
(3) the importance of the individual
(4) political theories

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