Global History & Geography - January 2010

6 The Code of Hammurabi and Chinese legalism both rely on the idea that

(1) governments must provide their people with rights
(2) harsh laws are needed to control society
(3) all subjects are equal under the law
(4) religion and government must be brought closer together

7 One similarity between the Gupta Empire and the Arab dynasties of the Islamic Golden Age is
that they

(1) made advances in mathematics and literature
(2) gained wealth by obtaining gold from the Americas
(3) stressed the importance of dharma and karma
(4) controlled territories around the Mediterranean seacoast

8 Which geographic factor has often made Korea a key region for those seeking to control East Asia?

(1) long coastline    (3) mountains
(2) location            (4) climate

9 Which culture is credited with the development of gunpowder, the abacus, and the compass?

(1) Chinese 
(2) Persian
(3) Indian
(4) Japanese

10 • Cyrillic alphabet adopted for use in Russia.
• Russians accepted the teachings of the Orthodox Christian Church.
• Onion-shaped domes dotted the skyline of Kievan Russia.

Which term is most closely associated with these statements?

(1) ethnocentrism
(2) interdependence
(3) cultural diffusion
(4) colonialism

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