Global History & Geography - January 2010

46 • The Ming emperor banned the building of large oceangoing ships in 1433.
• The Tokugawa shogun issued the Act of Seclusion in 1636.

One way in which these historical occurrences are similar is that both led to increased

(1) social mobility
(2) globalization
(3) cultural diffusion
(4) isolation

47 Armenians under Ottoman rule and Cambodians under the Khmer Rouge both experienced

(1) an outbreak of the plague
(2) human rights violations
(3) economic sanctions
(4) an agricultural revolution

48 One way in which the Council of Trent (1545–1563) and the Versailles Conference (1918–1919) are similar is that they both attempted to

(1) restore stability after a period of conflict or disorder
(2) address economic concerns by lowering tariffs
(3) defend human rights by establishing written codes of law
(4) encourage cultural development through the creation of universities

49 A primary reason the Mongols and the British were able to expand their empires through
conquest was because of

(1) a knowledge and command of advanced technologies
(2) a rejection of democratic policies and practices
(3) the development of religious and cultural reforms
(4) an extended period of peaceful trade and commerce

50 Which event can be considered a conflict brought about in part by a religious reform movement?

(1) World War I
(2) Cuban Revolution
(3) World War II
(4) Iranian Revolution Global Hist.

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