Global History & Geography - January 2010


1 Which example best represents a primary source?

(1) a 20th-century novel about events leading up to the French Revolution
(2) film footage taken during the liberation of Nazi concentration camps
(3) an interview with an expert on the fall of the Roman Empire
(4) a lecture on the impact of the African slave trade on South America

2 A geographic similarity between Italy and India is that both of these countries are located

(1) on peninsulas
(2) on archipelagos
(3) between two oceans
(4) south of the equator

3 Which statement best describes an aspect of a command economy?

(1) Profit motivates individuals to set up private businesses.
(2) Tradition, religion, and customs heavily influence economic decisions.
(3) Supply and demand regulate the economy.
(4) Government directs and controls the means of production.

4. The Indus and Huang He (Yellow) rivers are both closely associated with

(1) border disputes
(2) sacred biblical sites
(3) cradles of early civilization
(4) oil discoveries

5 A similarity between Shinto in Japan and animism in African societies is that both

(1) use the Torah to establish law codes
(2) stress the importance of the Eightfold Path
(3) believe that spirits exist in nature
(4) base social rank on a caste system

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