Global History & Geography - January 2009

41 One way in which Pax Romana and Pax Mongolia are similar is that both were characterized by

(1) political stability
(2) unifying religious institutions
(3) representative forms of government
(4) social equality for men and women

42 The Twelve Tables were the written laws of

(1) ancient Babylonia
(2) the Mauryan Empire
(3) the British Empire
(4) ancient Rome

43 Which period in European history is most closely associated with the emergence of trade fairs, the
founding of guilds, and the creation of the Hanseatic League?

(1) Age of Pericles
(2) Commercial Revolution
(3) Age of Reason
(4) Glorious Revolution

44 One way in which the English Magna Carta (1215), the French Declaration of the Rights of
Man and the Citizen (1789), and the Japanese Constitution (1947) are similar is that all these

(1) limited the power of the monarch
(2) provided for universal suffrage
(3) created a theocracy
(4) equalized taxes

45 One way in which Emperor Meiji and Atatürk are similar is that they both promoted

(1) isolation and nationalism
(2) capitalism and democracy
(3) revolution and absolutism
(4) reform and modernization

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