Global History & Geography - January 2009

21 Louis XIV and Peter the Great would most likely agree with the expression

(1) “government should leave businesses alone”
(2) “countries should settle differences without war”
(3) “do not question government authority”
(4) “all men are created with natural rights”

22 What was one effect of the French Revolution?

(1) Differences between ethnic groups were eliminated.
(2) Communism became popular.
(3) Militarism was discouraged.
(4) Nationalistic feelings were stimulated.

23 In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels expressed the idea that

(1) religion should be the most important factor in society
(2) power should be determined by a person’s wealth
(3) profits from work should belong to the workers
(4) supply and demand should control prices

24 Adam Smith would most likely agree with which statement?

(1) Revolution is the only solution to economic problems.
(2) Five-year plans are necessary in order to industrialize.
(3) All nations would benefit from an agricultural economy.
(4) Government should follow a laissez-faire policy.

25 Which region was most affected by decisions made at the Berlin Conference of 1884?

(1) Latin America     (3) East Asia
(2) South Asia         (4) Africa

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