Global History & Geography - January 2009

16 • Dominated the eastern Mediterranean Sea (1500s)
• Conquered Egypt and Syria (1517)
• Laid siege to Vienna (1529)

Which empire is most closely associated with these events?

(1) Ottoman Empire     (3) Persian Empire
(2) Spanish Empire      (4) Russian Empire

17 A major agricultural advancement of the Incas was the

(1) domestication of cattle
(2) use of a steel plow
(3) terracing of mountains for farming
(4) development of floating gardens

18 What was a significant effect of the Columbian exchange?

(1) The Aztec conquered a vast empire.
(2) Potatoes were introduced into the diet of some Europeans.
(3) Prince Henry the Navigator established a school for sailors.
(4) China closed its borders to foreigners.

19 What was a direct result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on African cultures?

(1) Many African communities faced economic disaster.
(2) European industrial factories were established throughout Africa.
(3) Animism was no longer practiced in Africa.
(4) Africans across the continent hired Europeans to train their military.

20 According to the European policy of mercantilism, colonies should

(1) benefit the mother country
(2) trade openly with various countries
(3) be left alone to manage their own affairs
(4) attempt to gain independence as soon as possible

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