Global History & Geography - January 2009

11 Which statement about government during the Tokugawa period in Japan is most accurate?

(1) The power of the emperor was absolute and supreme.
(2) The real power was held by foreign countries.
(3) Actual power was held by the shogun.
(4) Political power was in the hands of the merchant class.

12 One way in which the Silk Roads and the West African trade routes are similar is that along both

(1) the main items exchanged were ivory and tobacco
(2) concrete was used to improve the surface of the roads
(3) a single currency was used to make transactions easier
(4) ideas were exchanged as merchants interacted with each other

13 The use of the geographic terms Near East and Far East reflects

(1) the distance of nations from Mecca
(2) a European view of the world
(3) a Japanese perspective of Asia
(4) the location of Southwest Asia in relation to North Africa

14 • The introduction of gunpowder helped bring an end to feudalism.
• The printing press played an important role in causing the Reformation.

These statements best reflect the idea that

(1) environmental changes can affect human society
(2) contact with other societies can lead to conflict and war
(3) economic change can be slow and almost unnoticed
(4) technological advances can lead to major change

15 Martin Luther was primarily dissatisfied with the Roman Catholic Church because he

(1) thought the church lacked structure
(2) disagreed with the sale of indulgences
(3) blamed the church for not curing people who had the plague
(4) believed that kings should have more power to appoint clergy

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