Global History & Geography - January 2009

6 Which practice is most closely associated with a person of the Islamic faith?

(1) refraining from eating meat on Fridays
(2) praying five times a day
(3) following the Eightfold Path
(4) worshipping many gods

7 The Gupta Empire was best known for its

(1) advances in mathematics and medicine
(2) efforts to resist European imperialism
(3) development of the barter system
(4) construction of Angkor Wat

8 A major contribution of the Byzantine Empire was the

(1) invention of the wheel and gunpowder
(2) participation of citizens in government
(3) diffusion of Hindu beliefs
(4) preservation of Greek science and Roman engineering

9 Which political system is best described in the outline below?

(1) Oligarchy      (3) Feudalism
(2) Absolutism   (4) Democracy

10 What was one direct result of the Crusades?

(1) Trade increased between Europe and the Middle East.
(2) Islamic kingdoms expanded into Europe.
(3) Arabs and Christians divided the city of Jerusalem between them.
(4) Alexander the Great became a powerful leader in Eurasia

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