Global History & Geography - January 2009


1 Which topic is central to the study of economics?

(1) tracking the development and spread of diseases
(2) understanding the causes of ethnic rivalries
(3) examining the distribution and use of limited resources
(4) studying the growth and role of political parties

2 Which feature would most likely appear on a physical map?

(1) population densities
(2) land usage patterns
(3) climatic patterns
(4) mountain ranges

3 Where does the archaeological evidence gathered by Louis and Mary Leakey suggest the earliest humans developed?

(1) Great Rift Valley
(2) Amazon rain forest
(3) Himalaya Mountains
(4) Philippine archipelago

4 A direct result of the Neolithic Revolution is that people

(1) began living in permanent settlements
(2) developed a nomadic way of life
(3) depended on hunting and gathering
(4) used crop rotation to increase agricultural output

5 Subsistence farming can best be defined as

(1) harvesting a surplus of crops to be sold for profit
(2) producing just enough food for a family’s survival
(3) domesticating animals to transport goods
(4) irrigating crops to increase production

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