Geometry - June 2010

6 A right circular cylinder has an altitude of 11 feet and a radius of 5 feet. What is the lateral area, in square feet, of the cylinder, to the nearest tenth?

(1) 172.7     (3) 345.4
(2) 172.8     (4) 345.6

7 A transversal intersects two lines. Which condition would always make the two lines parallel?

(1) Vertical angles are congruent.
(2) Alternate interior angles are congruent.
(3) Corresponding angles are supplementary.
(4) Same-side interior angles are complementary.

8 If the diagonals of a quadrilateral do not bisect each other, then the quadrilateral could be a

(1) rectangle     (3) square
(2) rhombus      (4) trapezoid

9 What is the converse of the statement “If Bob does his homework, then George gets candy”?

(1) If George gets candy, then Bob does his homework.
(2) Bob does his homework if and only if George gets candy.
(3) If George does not get candy, then Bob does not do his homework.
(4) If Bob does not do his homework, then George does not get candy.

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