Earth Science - June 2011

Base your answers to questions 41 through 43 on the data table below, which lists some properties of four minerals that are used as ores of zinc (Zn).

41 A mineral with a hardness of 5 would scratch

(1) all four zinc minerals in the table
(2) zincite, but not sphalerite, smithsonite, or willemite
(3) zincite and sphalerite, but not smithsonite or willemite
(4) zincite, sphalerite, and smithsonite, but not willemite

42 A sample of sphalerite has a mass of 176.0 grams. What is the volume of the sample?

(1) 22.7 cm3    (3) 40.0 cm3
(2) 31.4 cm3    (4) 44.0 cm3

43 Which mineral belongs in the same mineral group as quartz and olivine?

(1) zincite      (3) sphalerite
(2) willemite  (4) smithsonite

Base your answers to questions 44 through 46 on the map below, which shows a portion of the continent of North America and outlines the Mississippi River watershed. Points A, B, C, D, and E represent locations on Earth’s surface.

44 At which location would the Mississippi River’s discharge most likely be the greatest?

(1) A   (3) C
(2) B   (4) D

45 Sediments deposited by the river at location B are best described as

(1) sorted and layered          (3) unsorted and layered
(2) sorted and not layered    (4) unsorted and not layered

46 Which landform is produced at location E where the Mississippi River enters theGulf of Mexico?
(1) a delta        (3) an escarpment
(2) a drumlin    (4) an outwash plain

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