Earth Science - June 2011

Part B–1

Base your answers to questions 36 through 40 on the diagram below, which represents zones of Earth’s interior, identified by letters A through E. The scale shows depths below Earth’s surface, measured in kilometers.

36 The Moho is a boundary located in zone

(1) A    (3) E
(2) B    (4) D

37 What is the approximate thickness of zone C?

(1) 650 km       (3) 2250 km
(2) 1600 km      (4) 2900 km

38 Which zone is characterized by partially melted rock and large-scale convection currents?

(1) zone A     (3) zone C
(2) zone B     (4) zone E

39 Which zone of Earth’s interior has a density closest to the densities of the other terrestrial planets?

(1) zone A    (3) zone C
(2) zone E    (4) zone D

40 S-waves produced by an earthquake are transmitted through zones

(1) A and B, but not zones C, D, and E
(2) A, B, and C, but not zones D and E
(3) C, D, and E, but not zones A and B
(4) D and E, but not zones A, B, and C

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