Earth Science - June 2011

26 Which factor has the greatest influence on the number of daylight hours that a particular Earth surface location receives?

(1) longitude
(2) latitude
(3) diameter of Earth
(4) distance from the Sun

27 Energy is transferred from Barnard’s Star to Earth mainly by

(1) red shifts
(2) density currents
(3) conduction
(4) electromagnetic waves

28 A stream’s velocity decreases from 100 cm/s to 5 cm/s. Which size sediment particles will still be transported by the stream?

(1) pebbles, sand, silt, and clay
(2) sand, silt, and clay, only
(3) silt and clay, only
(4) clay, only

29 Which diagram most accurately represents the relative diameters of Earth and Mercury?

30 Which diagram represents the tilt of Earth’s axis relative to the Sun’s rays on December 15?

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