Earth Science - June 2011

21 The map below shows an overhead view of  sediments that have accumulated at the bottom of a lake. Points A through D represent locations on the shoreline of the lake.

A river most likely flows into the lake nearest to location

(1) A   (3) C
(2) B   (4) D

22 An increase in which gas in Earth’s atmosphere will most significantly increase global temperatures?

(1) methane   (3) nitrogen
(2) oxygen     (4) hydrogen

23 The topographic map below shows two hills located in upstate New York.

Which agent of erosion is most responsible for the shape of these hills?

(1) wind       (3) waves
(2) gravity    (4) glaciers

24 During an El Niņo event, surface water temperatures increase along the west coast of South America. Which weather changes are likely to occur in this region?

(1) decreased air temperature and decreased precipitation
(2) decreased air temperature and increased precipitation
(3) increased air temperature and increased precipitation
(4) increased air temperature and decreased precipitation

25 The diagram below shows air movement over a mountain.

Compared to the climate on the windward side of the mountain, the climate on the leeward side of the mountain is

(1) drier and warmer
(2) drier and cooler
(3) more humid and warmer
(4) more humid and cooler

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