Earth Science - June 2011

16 What is the dewpoint when the air temperature is 26C and the relative humidity is 77%?

(1) 3C     (3) 22C
(2) 20C   (4) 23C

17 On the map below, dark-gray areas represent regions of lake-effect snow on a December day.

Which New York State location appears to be experiencing a lake-effect snowstorm?

(1) New York City   (3) Plattsburgh
(2) Utica                (4) Watertown

18 The cross section below shows the general bedrock structure of an area containing three different landscape regions, A, B, and C.

19 In New York State, the surface bedrock of the Catskills consists mainly of

(1) weakly consolidated gravels and sands
(2) quartzites, dolostones, marbles, and schists
(3) conglomerates, red sandstones, basalt, and diabase
(4) limestones, shales, sandstones, and conglomerates

20 The topographic map below shows a stream crossing several contour lines and passing through points X and Y. Elevations are measured in feet.

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