Earth Science - June 2011

11 A tree in New York State casts a shadow as shown
in the diagram below.

What time of day and season are represented by the diagram?

(1) early morning in winter
(2) early morning in summer
(3) late afternoon in winter
(4) late afternoon in summer

12 Near which two latitudes are most of Earth’s major deserts located?

(1) 0 and 90 N        (3) 30 N and 30 S
(2) 30 S and 60 S   (4) 60 S and 60 N

13 How much of an 800-gram sample of potassium-40 will remain after 3.9 109 years of radioactive decay?

(1) 50 grams       (3) 200 grams
(2) 100 grams     (4) 400 grams

14 Thin layers of volcanic ash act as excellent time markers in the correlation of bedrock because volcanic ash

(1) is easily eroded and lasts only a short time on Earth’s surface
(2) stays in the atmosphere for millions of years
(3) is deposited over millions of years
(4) falls to Earth over a large area in a short period of time

15 Evidence indicates that 251 million years ago a mass extinction of many life-forms occurred on Earth. Which form of life became extinct at this time?

(1) trilobites     (3) mammoths
(2) dinosaurs    (4) eurypterids

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