Earth Science - June 2011

6 What is the approximate altitude of Polaris at Syracuse, New York?

(1) 43   (3) 76
(2) 47   (4) 90

7 Most rocks that form from fragmental rock particles are classified as

(1) extrusive igneous
(2) intrusive igneous
(3) clastic sedimentary
(4) chemical sedimentary

8 Which group of organisms has the shortest record of life on Earth?

(1) eurypterids    (3) birds
(2) graptolites     (4) placoderm fish

9 What is inferred to be the main source of the free oxygen that first entered Earth’s atmosphere?

(1) meteorite impacts releasing oxygen
(2) oxygen-producing organisms
(3) melting of glacial ice into hydrogen and oxygen
(4) radioactive decay of rocks containing oxygen

10 The drill-core samples below were taken from two locations 1000 kilometers apart. Rock layers 1 through 8 have been labeled. Some index fossils are shown in the layers.

Which numbered layers most likely formed at the same time?
(1) 1 and 6    (3) 3 and 5
(2) 2 and 8    (4) 4 and 7

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