Earth Science - June 2011

Base your answers to questions 47 through 50 on the calendar below, which shows the month of July of a recent year. The dates of major Moon phases, as seen in New York State, are shown.


47 The diagram below represents the phase of the Moon observed from New York State one night during the month of July.

On which date was this phase of the Moon visible from New York State?

(1) July 4     (3) July 19
(2) July 11   (4) July 26

48 On which date will the next first-quarter Moon phase occur?

(1) August 6      (3) August 16
(2) August 10    (4) August 22

49 Eclipses do not occur every month because the Moon’s

(1) rate of rotation is 15 each hour
(2) orbit is inclined to Earth’s orbit
(3) period of revolution is 27.3 days
(4) period of rotation and period of revolution are the same

50 Why does the Moon’s gravity have a greater effect on Earth’s ocean tides than the Sun’s gravity?

(1) The Sun is composed mostly of gases.
(2) The Sun’s gravity influences more planets.
(3) The Moon has a greater mass.
(4) The Moon is much closer to Earth.


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