Earth Science - June 2011


1 Why do the planets in our solar system have a layered internal structure?

(1) All planets cooled rapidly after they formed.
(2) The Sun exerts a gravitational force on the planets.
(3) Each planet is composed of materials of different densities.
(4) Cosmic dust settled in layers on the planets’ surfaces.

2 The diagram below shows a large pendulum in motion over an 8-hour period.

What is the main reason the pendulum appears to change its direction of swing over time?

(1) tilt of Earth on its axis
(2) rotation of Earth on its axis
(3) revolution of Earth in its orbit
(4) speed of Earth in its orbit

3 On which day of the year does the Sun reach the greatest altitude at solar noon in New York City?

(1) June 21    (3) August 21
(2) July 21     (4) September 21

4 Cosmic background radiation provides direct evidence for the origin of

(1) the universe
(2) our solar system
(3) Earth’s ozone layer
(4) Earth’s earliest atmosphere

5 Planetary winds and ocean currents are deflected to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere due to

(1) seasonal changes   (3) the Doppler effect
(2) plate tectonics        (4) the Coriolis effect

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