Earth Science - January 2011

41 Which location’s climate is most affected by the East Australia Current?

(1) E    (3) G
(2) F     (4) H

42 Which two locations have the driest climates?

(1) A and B     (3) C and F
(2) G and H    (4) D and E

Base your answers to questions 43 through 45 on the data table below, which gives information collected at seismic stations W, X, Y, and Z for the same earthquake. Some of the data have been omitted.

43 Which seismic station was farthest from the earthquake epicenter?

(1) W    (3) Y
(2) X     (4) Z

44 What is the most probable reason for the absence of S-waves at station W?

(1) S-waves were not generated at the epicenter.
(2) S-waves cannot travel through liquids.
(3) Station W was located on solid bedrock.
(4) Station W was located on an island.

45 At what time did the S-wave arrive at station Y?

(1) 10:36:40    (3) 10:42:00
(2) 10:39:20    (4) 10:45:20

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