Earth Science - January 2011

31 The block diagram below shows a part of the eastern coastline of North America. Points A, B, and C are reference points along the coast.

Which list best represents the primary processes occurring along the coastline at points A, B, and C?

(1) A — folding; B — subduction; C — crosscutting
(2) A — weathering; B — erosion; C — deposition
(3) A — faulting; B — conduction; C — mass movement
(4) A — precipitation; B — infiltration; C — evaporation

32 The block diagram below shows the boundary between two tectonic plates.

Which type of plate boundary is shown?

(1) divergent       (3) transform
(2) convergent     (4) complex

33 The map below shows the names and ages of different bedrock formations in North America. The bedrock ages are shown in billions of years.

The ages shown on the map suggest that the

(1) oldest bedrock is located in the Churchill formation
(2) youngest bedrock is located in the Wyoming formation
(3) younger bedrock has been added to the east and west coasts of the continent
(4) age of bedrock increases from west to east across the continent

34 The geologic time line below represents the three most recent geologic eras. The numbers represent events in Earth’s history.

Which number best represents when humans are inferred to have first appeared on Earth?

(1) 1    (3) 3
(2) 2    (4) 4

35 The diagram below shows magnified views of three stages of mineral crystal formation as molten material gradually cools.

Which rock normally forms when minerals crystallize in these stages?

(1) shale      (3) gabbro
(2) gneiss    (4) breccia

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