Earth Science - January 2011

21 The Indian-Australian tectonic plate is moving

(1) away from the Philippine Plate
(2) away from the Fiji Plate
(3) toward the Pacific Plate
(4) toward the Antarctic Plate

22 The inferred temperature at the interface between the stiffer mantle and the asthenosphere is closest to

(1) 1000C     (3) 4500C
(2) 2500C     (4) 5000C

23 Which mineral can be found in all samples of rhyolite and andesite?

(1) pyroxene    (3) biotite
(2) quartz        (4) potassium feldspar

24 A student classified the rock below as sedimentary.

Which observation about the rock best supports this classification?

(1) The rock is composed of several minerals.
(2) The rock has a vesicular texture.
(3) The rock contains fragments of other rocks.
(4) The rock shows distorted and stretched pebbles.

25 Which material is made mostly of the mineral quartz?

(1) sulfuric acid     (3) plaster of paris
(2) pencil lead    (4) window glass

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